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Post by John1977 »

Looking to fit my Garmin Mini 2 rear dash cam, but I want to feed the micro usb power cable through the tailgates rubber gromit. Does anyone know how its clipped or how to remove it?

Thanks in advance folks.

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Post by reefman21 »

though i dont have the answer to your question, did you hard wire your front dash cam yet? i noticed there is a little side pocket in the glove box with a positive output for dash cam i just got my wiring kit today not sure where to ground it any help?
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Post by Coutainville »

Any picture of that positive output in glove box, I am interested, cheers.
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Post by FocusArmy »

Coutainville wrote: Sun Dec 17, 2023 8:12 am Any picture of that positive output in glove box, I am interested, cheers.
Me too!
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Post by Ian_V »

So I have fitted a rear dashcam in mine. The rubber tubes to the boot clip over some plastic bits that clip into the bodywork. Once I had the cable routed through the rubber tube, I unclipped the plastic bits and refitted them to the rubber tube. I was then able to clip the whole thing into the bodywork which was far easier than trying to get the rubber over the plastic clips while they were clipped in.

Sorry for the dodgy explanation. I think it will make sense when you unclip the rubber tube though.
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