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Mr rugby
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You may be aware that the Top spec Austral Iconic has a wireless charger built in to the centre console under the aircraft throttle mean hand rest.
For those with lower spec models this is not in place, but help is at hand.

You can purchase the wireless option from Renault at significant cost ...........or... I have spotted a 3D printing company advertising on an online website for private sellers ( not sure if i'm allowed to mention on here but It sounds like besty " who manufacture the plastic adapter plate that fits under the rubber mat and accepts a circular quality wireless charger unit made by ........
( sounds like "abra" ) available on the " zon" website.
This plugs into the available power socket in front of the dashboard .
The lack of space available limits the size of charger you can use so it won't be a high powered unit but more than sufficient to charge your device without plugging and unplugging all the time. Apparently it integrates and works very well, and the adapter and charger costs around a third of the price and are quality parts. I Haven't had my car yet so unable to confirm it's operation, but others have.
Hopefully no rules have been broken above, this is what forums are about,.... helping each other.
Proceed at your own risk.

Take care all.

mr rugby
from southern wales.

Mr rugby
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Heres a glance of the adapter plate and charger for those interested in the project.

Mr rugby.

charger kit 1.jpg

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You may not need to install anything yourself. Renault changed the specification of the cars and I think all of the Austral models now come with the Wireless charger. My Techno Esprit Alpine came with it. It only works when the engine is switched on. I heard about the change in September, before my delivery, from another forum and although it isn't clear from any of the Renault information the change is correct. Based on the comments on the French Austral Community of the Renault website there was a reworking of the items provided as standard due to problems with the availability of chips so some expected functions are not present but everyone gets the wireless charger.
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I'm picking my Techno Esprit Alpine on Thursday and asked the question about the wireless charger as there's no mention of it in the Austral configurator features listings.

As AndyC123 says its standard on all models for MY24, (September 2023 build onwards).

Im now wondering what else is on there that isn't listed and also what's listed but may now be absent.

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Uvox2 wrote: Mon Jan 15, 2024 6:12 pm Im now wondering what else is on there that isn't listed and also what's listed but may now be absent
Exactly this!

As my wife was getting the Techno Esprit Alpine I was fine that we wouldn't get the charging pad but it did look kind of suspiciously like it could be there when she got it Monday - I haven't tried to confirm though.
Now it's been mentioned I need to check as she's one of those who likes to keep bank cards in her phone wallet. Those, and some other objects, shouldn't be on the wireless charging pad if it's in use so it would have been really helpful if any changes to default configuration where pointed out at the handover.
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For those that don't have fast charge on their phone this is an option you can use.
Just stick QI receiver to back of phone or under phone cover. Various options for type of phone input.
Best I could find was 10w for about £4.50
I'll probably order one.


Here's link for those interested.
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